I am a computer programmer by day and philosopher by night. I post once or twice a week. I aim to prevent blogging from taking to much time, while allowing time to develop each idea before posting it. Each has some reference to human, universal, or societal truths, while presented in an organized, understandable & consise way -- this is the plan anyway. Results may very as what rings true for one may seem false to another. Also becuase sometimes I get things wrong.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Counting in Chinese

When I decided to place a web counter on my page, I noticed that one of the possible counter styles was in Chinese. Cool, I thought this will fit right in. (My interests include Tai Chi and eastern philosophy/spirituality.) I took a class in Chinese language two years ago, and the numbers (1-10) are just about all I can remember (of these I only remembered some of the symbols). At least trying to read my counter will prevent me from forgetting this tiny bit that has stayed with me this far.

In case you also forgot the numbers, here is a quick cheat sheet!

While at it, I'll post this image just so I can attach it to my blogger profile. I looked over a bunch of dragon images and I thought this one was the only one to be dynamic, 'real looking', and be colorful. He (or she?) looks a bit mean so this isn't my ideal, but it will do for now. :)


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