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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Better in the right place then kept close by

It bugs me when I reach for something and it isn't where it 'should' be. It bugs me more when that something I've been looking for is something that I was using only a day or two before. While my apartment may look like total chaos to the eyes of an outsider. Things have a place here or at least a general area. If I need a programming book it is on the shelf by my computer on one of the first two shelves or laying on my floor if it is one I use often. If I need the scissors they belong under the TV with string, tape and playing cards. My videos are predictably on a shelf just under the TV. If I need the directory for the meeting (ie Church) that I attend, that is on the book shelf near the window, except when I've misplaced it.

This is precisely what has been happening recently. I've been asked to review the directory's contact sections for this year's directory (which by the way is already late). I keep picking it up and leaving it somewhere near the computer. But, I never remember this so even if I am sitting at the computer the next time I need it I don't remember that it is right there and get up to go get it. I find that it isn't where it should be and then I start wondering where it went.

Somehow I've gotten the idea that if I leave things close by they will be in a more useful location. This is rarely the case sense I don't remember where I put things (unless it is the 'right' place). A second problem is that if I leave them 'near by' the place where I last needed it I may need it somewhere totally different the next time. So even knowing where it is, I still may not save any time when I need it next. In any case I don't often have someone else rearranging my stuff (although this has happened) so I really only have myself to blame.


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