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Friday, November 04, 2005


Yes, I am perfect. But before you click to another page thinking I am a liar, let me explain what I mean. I am precisely and perfectly what I was intended to be right now. How could I be anything else? I am the perfect me and you are the perfect you.

I was reading an obituary in the Boston Globe a few days ago (Globe dated September 28). M. Scott Peck M.D. passed away recently. He is the author of the book the Road Less Traveled as well as many others. The article mentions how Peck later in life said he had trouble living up to the high standards of discipline that he set in his books. He had mixed feelings about his popularity. He felt uncomfortable with those who thought he was a prophet - people would actually reach out to touch him. Yuck!

I've learned never to substitute someone else's judgment for my own. Whenever I have done this I have made things much worse. Human beings are perfect human beings, but not perfect in judgment nor understanding. The one person who knows you and your situation better then anyone is you. You are the best person to be making your own decisions. Get advice, pray, meditate, but the decisions and the consequences are yours.

Anyone who would accept power lightly or easily is not up to the responsibility of using power wisely.


I didn't feel like this post was quite right, but I decided to post it in spite of this imperfection.


At Fri Nov 04, 10:55:00 PM EST, Blogger Bar Bar A said...

This was profound. I'd comment more but my computer is acting weird. I'll be back later to read this again.

At Sat Nov 05, 11:33:00 AM EST, Anonymous Lorna said...


At Sat Nov 05, 02:38:00 PM EST, Blogger James Gray said...

Tell your computer I said, "get well soon". Nevermind, your computer is looking over your shoulder as you read this.

At Sun Dec 25, 07:39:00 AM EST, Blogger stevie.be. said...

thank you for this.

At Sun Dec 25, 07:39:00 AM EST, Blogger stevie.be. said...

ps. RIP.


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