I am a computer programmer by day and philosopher by night. I post once or twice a week. I aim to prevent blogging from taking to much time, while allowing time to develop each idea before posting it. Each has some reference to human, universal, or societal truths, while presented in an organized, understandable & consise way -- this is the plan anyway. Results may very as what rings true for one may seem false to another. Also becuase sometimes I get things wrong.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Need something to read?

I haven't been posting due to the large volume of holiday and travel activities that I have been involved in. If you have enjoyed my previous posts I think you'll enjoy this other blog as well. Check out dirtsimple.org (click on the title of the post).


-- Edit -- 1/15/2006

I just launched my new blog at:

This blog will be about computers, software and computer programming.


At Fri Jan 06, 10:12:00 PM EST, Blogger Bar Bar A said...

James, is the other blog yours as well? I will head over there to check it out.

Hope you are doing well. Miss you.

At Sat Jan 14, 09:38:00 AM EST, Blogger stevie.be. said...

i plan to do a ton of readin in february... thank u for this tip :)

ps. check your snail mail in the next week!!!! :)

At Sun Jan 15, 12:42:00 PM EST, Blogger James Gray said...

WW - No, I don't write it. It is another one of the blogs that I read.

Steve - I'll keep an eye out for it! Thanks!

At Sat Jan 28, 05:26:00 PM EST, Blogger stevie.be. said...

thanks for dropping me a line! have a good weekend :)

At Thu Apr 26, 12:05:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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